Course Information (FAQ)






 ONLINE Courses 

Registration Questions

Q. How do I register for a specific course?

A. Choose REGISTER from the Course Schedule Page and complete the form. Or download a registration form and mail to

Q. I'm having trouble registering. How can I get assistance?

A. If you have questions about the registration process, class details, or have general questions, email or call Jason Clark,  at 469.338.6361. 

Q. How can I check my registration status?

A. An ARINC representative will confirm registration details with you via email. Once the payment has been processed, the registration is complete and students can attend their scheduled courses.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. If the student cannot attend the course as scheduled, they will receive a voucher to attend a course within 12 months from the start date of the original class. Students must provide written notice of their cancellation. The voucher is transferrable to another student. After 12 months the voucher is null and void and the fee is non-refundable. ARINC reserves the right to cancel courses without adequate enrollment should events occur beyond our control.


General Questions

Q. How do I decide which courses I should take?

A. The Course Listing page provides a brief summary of each course provided by ARINC's Education services.  Still having trouble deciding? Contact us at or or call Jason Clark,  at 469.338.6361 to help you decide.

Q. Do you only train at your facility?

A. No, we can do private, custom on-site training at your site as well. Please contact Jason Clark at 724.799.2606 or email for more information and pricing for on-site and customized courses.

Q. Do you offer custom training?

A. ARINC is constantly improving existing courses and changing course content to best suit students' needs -- if we currently do not offer a class that you would be interested in, feel free to suggest it. Contact us at or or call Jason Clark,  at 469.338.6361 and let us know what you are interested in learning!

Q. What is the current course schedule?

A. You can view the current course schedule from the Course Schedule page. The schedule will change as classes are completed.


Payment Questions

Q. How can I pay for a course?

A. We accept payments via Check, Purchase Order, and/or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). If paying via Credit Card, complete the Credit Card Authorization Form.

Q. How much is a single course?

A. Per person pricing for the General Courses are listed on the Course Schedule Page for each course.  For on-site or customized course pricing, please email oror call Jason Clark,  at 469.338.6361 for pricing.


Travel Questions


Q. Where should I fly into if I am coming from out-of-town?

A. ARINC's Carrollton, TX office is served by the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. ARINC's Pittsburgh, PA office is in Cranberry Township and is served by the Pittsburgh Airport.

Q. Where can I stay if I am coming from out-of-town?

A. There are many hotels close to our facility. Please check the travel information page to find one that fits your needs. Please note that traffic in the Dallas area is very heavy in the mornings. If you are not staying in a near-by hotel, give yourself plenty of time to arrive to class on time.


Course Questions

Q. What time do classes begin/end?

A. Training classes begin at 8:30 am and end at 4:30 pm. Please respect your fellow students and be on time.

Q. When are breaks during class?

A. There will be a break mid-morning and mid-afternoon per class day.

Q. Will lunch be provided?

A. No, lunch is NOT provided. We break for lunch at noon (12 pm) and allow an hour for lunch. There are morning and afternoon breaks as well.

Q. What should I bring to class?

A. You may want to bring a notebook and pen. You will be provided a workstation loaded with the application. You will also receive a workbook or training manual for you to take with you when you leave class.

Q. Can I eat in the classroom?

A. Snacks and drinks are permitted in the classroom and can be enjoyed in the back of the room. No eating  is permitted at the workstations. Covered coffee cups are permitted at the workstations.

Q. What do I wear to class?

A. Please dress comfortably. We are casual. For the comfort of all the students, please refrain from wearing perfume or strong aftershave.


ONLINE Course Questions


Q. What courses are offered ONLINE?

A. Currently only the IEBS course is offered ONLINE.


Q. How do I attend an ONLINE course?

A. You need audio and video to attend the meeting. For video you will receive a link to a secure online meeting via Junos Pulse Collaboration. Click the link to connect, enter your name, and meeting password to view the instructor’s screen. For audio call the meeting conference number and enter the meeting code to connect to the audio. We recommend you have a headset or speaker phone to listen all day. (Put your phone on mute unless your are speaking.) Class materials will be sent out before the class. You are expected to be in attendance and attentive to the instructor via phone and computer screen for the entire course. In order to successfully complete the course you cannot answer your phone, meet people in your office, answer email, or do other work. You are expected to be‘present’ in the class just as if you were attending in person. We want you to have the best training experience possible!


Q. What equipment do I need to attend an ONLINE course?

A. You need a phone and a computer with an internet connection. This equipment should be available for your use for the duration of the course.

Q. What type of computer do I need for an ONLINE course?

A. A laptop or desktop computer is required. Supported operating systems include:

Note that Mac OS X and Linux users will see the legacy Secure Meeting client interface when they engage in online meetings. 

Q. What type of connection do I need for an ONLINE course?

A. It is recommended that a high speed network (ie DSL) be utilized and tested to ensure any firewalls are not blocking access to If you can reach the Welcome screen, click on the Check Meeting Compatibility at the bottom of the page to see if Junos Pulse Collaboration will work on your PC.  This will report to you anything that may prevent you from using Junos Pulse Collaboration. 

Q. What if my connection doesn’t work for an ONLINE course?

A. The meeting invitation will include a link to test your connection. We recommend you test it the week before the class. ARINC is not responsible for student connectivity issues.