2018 Security Systems AIM User Group

ARINC HeadquartersUser Group is a FREE conference bringing together AIM customers with developers and engineers. It provides an opportunity for system users to interact, resulting in more effective and efficient use of their systems. It is designed to enhance communication between customers and provides a venue for Rockwell Collins - ARINC to inform customers on product updates.

Join us Wednesday, May 16th and Thursday, May 17th at our Annapolis, MD offices for two days packed with product presentations, new feature demonstrations, product roadmaps, and system training sessions.  The agenda is under construction but here is the current draft. 

If you're in town early on Tuesday, join us for a casual Meet & Greet, 5 to 7 PM at Blackwall Hitch Annapolis, 400 Sixth Street, Annapolis, MD 21403.






Wednesday, May 16

8:30 AM

Continental Breakfast


Conference Agenda & Logistics

Safety Briefing

Customer Satisfaction Survey


ST&CI Welcome


Security Systems Welcome & Introductions


Morning Break


AIM Update

Take a walk down memory lane with us and hear about the significant enhancements we've implemented and issues we've resolved since our last User Group.


Solutions Roadmap/Systems Roadmap

Come learn where the AIM Platform and its supported technologies are headed for the rest of 2018 and beyond.  Discover what new features and functionality are being considered and added to AIM that will extend its capabilities to provide additional and improved  security for your site, and to help you to better manage your systems and your security.




Customer Roadmap Exercise

Discussion and demonstration of building an hypothetical AIM system roadmap. We will focus on the detailed inputs and outputs to be considered for a usable roadmap, including managing technology obsolescence, identifying system functionality needs, and developing a high-level timeline to meet the goals of the system.


Life Cycle Management

This presentation describes the services offered over a 10 year period of time overlaid onto the customer's roadmap exercise.  It also will describe the products, services, offerings, and benefits through system up time and ROI of the use of capital funds and O&M funds.  Finally, we’ll announce the material sales initiative to provide security related products (consumable items) through our spare parts supply chain.


Customer Presentation

Wondering what to expect with an upgrade? This presentation is Wolf Creek’s experience with 2011.02 upgrade to 2016.R1 (new UI) and a cyber upgrade. Includes new functionality such as Keywatcher and a Disconnected Control System. Also, the corporate experience with Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC).


Afternoon Break


Cyber Update

-        What have we done in the last year

-        Where are we going in the next year


Cyber Audits 101

Join us for a presentation on the trends we're seeing with NRC inspections including Milestone 8. Learn how we’ve helped tackle these challenges in the industry. We'll discuss the layered Controls in the systems, what questions are being asked, and how these questions can be tackled from the perspective of the site.


Fun with AIM System Administration

4:30 PM



Cruise Boards


Cruise Departs


Cruise Concludes



Thursday, May 17

8:30 AM

Continental Breakfast




Vendor Management

This presentation will provide an overview of our approach to vendor management, why it is necessary, and how it will benefit you, our customer.


2018.R1 AIM DEMO

Demonstration of AIM 2018 Release 1, focusing on the major UI functions of operators and administrators.  Topics included are alarm assessment, authorizations, Graphics Editor, Graphics controls and interfaces, Global Settings, Device Settings, Badging and user control of their workspace.


Morning Break


Virtualization Solutions for Security Systems

Presentation of our experience with virtualized solutions for AIM systems, lessons learned and limitations of virtualization, and how virtualization can reduce costs and provide greater flexibility on system upgrades.            


Roadmap Roundtable

Based on your inputs from previous sessions, we’ll lead a discussion on the future of AIM and your feedback.


System Maintenance Skillset or how do you replace a retiring workforce

As AIM becomes more complex, the system administration complexity increases as well. Learn the required skills for maintaining the system and how our Life Cycle Management team can help including system installations, technical project delivery, and onsite services.





Your system versus other systems

How do you use and maintain your system? How does it compare to how others use and maintain theirs? Answer some questions and we’ll talk about the ins and outs of everyone’s usage. All responses will be anonymous to protect the innocent!


More System Administrator Fun with AIM


Afternoon Break


Cyber Monitoring Services

The Rockwell Collins IMS CSOC’s Cyber threat monitoring service is a hosted solution aimed at enhancing our customer's cyber program.  The service is designed to increase threat awareness, reduce the potential of unauthorized access or disclosure of information through cyber events and satisfying organizational requirements for safety and information security.


Threat Hunt - CSOC Deeper Dive

Did you know there are common tools and command line processes in Windows environments that can be used to provide enhanced logging capabilities to improve security levels locally? Rockwell Collins CSOC will provide a walk-through of capabilities that can be carried out on local machines to troubleshoot and enhance security logging levels. These options provide enhanced data sets to forward to SIEMS or other in-house security appliances for increased network visibility.


Wrap Up Discussion

4:15 PM



Register at this link. We look forward to hosting you! 

NOTE: This conference is for Security Systems customers only. Transportations Systems will be planning other events.

Questions? Contact Nancy Latimer nancy.latimer@rockwellcollins.com