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We apply our expertise to meet the challenges of today's mission-critical facilities

Graphic User Interface

Our command and control user interface incorporates a geographic information system (GIS) graphics engine that enables users to create and update graphics live on the system and monitor potential threats in real time. Built-in workflows simplify system configuration for all critical parameters. Privileged access to certain application functions provides clear access boundaries for users and administrators.

Access Control

With integrated physical access control solutions, facilities can deploy advanced biometrics, personnel badging, vehicle control, personal identity verification, intelligent access controllers and various card access solutions. Using either our built-in or our Integrated Enterprise Badging System (IEBS), system users can easily create, modify and print badge data and images.

Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on your operations using our intelligent IP video surveillance solutions. These solutions include a range of surveillance capabilities, including live monitoring, real-time alerts, redundant video archiving and video analysis. Our virtual video wall puts you in total control of the content your operations views. Utilizing selectable content with standard commercial PCs, you have complete control of your sites video surveillance from video switching, automatic alarm video call-up, real-time viewing and event-based retrieval and playback.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Using open architecture intrusion solutions, we integrate and support a host of state-of-the-art sensors, including:

We provide additional service options (such as crime prevention) through environmental design, technology trade studies, infrastructure evaluation and design, network architecture evaluation and design, unit and population testing, full system deployment and installation, training and life cycle maintenance.


Our communications solutions enable security operators to respond to threats quickly and efficiently. Communication paths, such as mobile radios and intercom systems, are continuously monitored to ensure availability around the clock.


Our cybersecurity products and services proactively support continuity of operations at critical infrastructure facilities. Our layered approach implements best practices to build industry-specific solutions to enable our customers to meet regulatory requirements.

As part of our command and control solutions we develop a plan to deploy an optimal cybersecurity solution for each customer’s needs and budget. Plans include:

The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requires nuclear facilities meet a variety of mandates and regulations, including NEI 08-09 for cybersecurity. To help ensure the facility complies with industry requirements, we assist by conducting a baseline assessment of your current system to understand and address vulnerabilities. Our assessment services enables our customers to meet NRC or specific industry requirements by including compliance gap analysis, external penetration testing, physical security assessment, application security assessment and configuration security assessment.

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