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We apply our expertise to meet the challenges of today's mission-critical industries from security requirements of the nuclear power industry to rail and transit control solutions.


ARINC transportation systems support more than 8 million passengers a day in North America. The leading provider of rail control center capabilities, ARINC’s advanced solutions include information management, train control, SCADA systems, cyber security, and communications. Rail solutions include advanced train control centers and platforms for commuter, freight, and light-rail systems. Transit solutions include integrated multimodal transportation control systems.


ARINC security systems safeguard the nation’s most critical infrastructure. Our advanced command and control and information management platforms protect nuclear power plants, national reserves, refineries, airports, transit systems, and government facilities. Security solutions include intrusion detection, access control, video management, credential management, biometrics-based identity management, vehicle identification, asset management, and integrated or cloud based communications.